Fear Of Missing Out. FOMO.

Another festival to add to the ongoing list of hectic festivals and events I’ve been lucky enough to attend. Only this one was a little different as my friend and I are absolutely sure we developed dirt inhalation while we were there. Dancing on what was once grass quickly became dirt with over 15,000 people in the one space having a grand ol’ time. None-the-less we listened to some great jams, had a killer dance party, survived the mosh pit and sang with Post Malone. So the day went very well, despite Australia living up to its heckin hot weather, we had a mad time.

If anyone wants to listen to the playlist for FOMO, Spotify does a great job with stringing together songs. This link below is the playlist for FOMO 2018;

And to sum up this blog session here’s the video I created for the day!

(Make sure you watch it in HD + Give it a like if you think it’s groovy!)

We Out.

Film – FOMO 2018!

2018 – Time for an upgrade.


I’ve come to the decision, made up my mind, committed myself now and have set plans in place to upgrade my blog. As I’m currently sitting on the free plan (which doesn’t really let you do much with the site, just a few small adjustments. What I really want to be able to do is upload videos and audio and make a really cool environment and experience for anyone who reads any part of my blog. I want to be able to express myself through the short videos I make, they go up on Instagram and only last a minute.

(My IG handle is @jpabsy).

That’s my creativeness side and I really really enjoy putting them together and making them, the whole production of it makes me feel really good. I especially love it when I’m able to show people what I’ve done and they smile about something, come back with a joke and laugh at something that has occurred on-screen. It’s the best feeling, creating a genuine smile. So I’m upgrading. Most likely to the Premium one because I might as well go all in into something that I really enjoy doing. And I hope you guys like it too.

We Out.