I’m writing a feature article for one of my units at Uni and I need some reference letters from previous interns that have been given to them from the internships they’ve participated in.

Has anyone ever felt exploited by their internships? Or did you feel like your presence as an intern was valued and your time was well spent?


Honestly …

I’ve been sick. Hit a wall at work a couple days back and am still recovering. My body is tired, overworked and is making me sick, probably in an attempt to make me calm down and take a break from my busy life. I cry when I’m exhausted and just want to be in my bed.

So no, I haven’t been to the gym at all this week. I’ve hardly eaten anything, thinking of food makes me want to throw up and when I’m home, I’m asleep. It’s a really terrible cycle that I hope to get out of really soon. My Mum’s been feeding me all sorts of vitamins and minerals in tablet form to help get me feeling good again. She’s also been cutting up fruit for me to eat exactly the same way she use to do it when I was a kid.

Despite my sickness, I’ve pushed myself the last two days to go to Uni as I don’t want to miss my lectures and tutorials. (I’m too afraid I’ll fall behind if I miss them). On the gym side of things, I’m very keen to get back there and get my body moving again. To be completely honest, I’ve probably got even better abs now and I should thank all the coughing I’ve been doing. When I start back up, I’ll be sure to let you know and keep this blog as up-to-date as possible. Especially when it comes to the fitness side of things as I really want to see my progress through maintaining this blog.

Chao for now!



I’ve been neglecting my blog. It honestly just has not been on my mind. I wake up, eat something, go to work. I come home from work, go to the gym, have a shower and repeat all of the above steps. I haven’t had a day off or spare time for much else. My bank account loves me but my creative side is just sitting and waiting for it’s time to shine. I have been making some videos for my workplace because I NEED to exert creatively somehow. And guess what, go on, have a stab in the dark at what is currently happening. I have a day off and guess where I’m going… back to work, for a managers meeting – ON MY DAY OFF. What a joker. Out of all the days, my boss chooses today.

ANYWAY, enough of that.

I’ve finished some cute vids that will be up real soon :))) I’m keen, you should get keen. Just need to get past the loading and sending to my laptop from my phone stage and we’ll be well on the way. :)) Talk soon qts.

We Out.

You were asleep – I was working.


This morning I finished my second overnight shift. My first overnight shift was last year (2016) on New Years and it was extremely busy but worth the hectic paycheck. This morning I’m recovering from my second overnight shift, a Saturday night – busiest night of the week for overnights. According to the people who I was working with last night was also busy. I didn’t have anything to compare it to.

As I was preparing for work yesterday, I had woken myself up early and went to the gym to tire out my body so I could go back to sleep before 8 hours of work. Although I was already tired from not enough sleep two days before that, making falling asleep so much easier. It was a strange feeling waking up at 8pm and getting ready for work, one that I’m not used to. After arriving at work and getting the low-down about the close shift, they had a busy night and the place was a mess. 10pm came quickly and we started work, constant customers meant that all the jobs had to be done between serving customers/taking orders/stocking the store and cleaning.

It was a long night. The first wave of tired hit me when the other manager and myself sat down to close the stores’ system – it was about 2am. The next wave of extra tired I felt at 5:15am, 45 minutes before we finished our shift. Having thought I prepared myself enough with enough sleep was definitely not enough. I thought that before I went to sleep I should go to the gym and do something I like more productive with my day but by the time 6am came around, I was dead exhausted. I clocked off at 6:02am and drove myself home to sleep a good chunk of the day.

I don’t do overnights and only did this one to learn the management side of things – closing the system and completing stocktake. I have about 3 overnights coming up soon so this one helped me prepare for them. If anyone has any tips or tricks for overnight work – let me know! I’d love to hear your ideas and try them for myself.

We out.

Not working a 9-5 every single day.


I work part-time. Part-time for the company I work for means; as often as possible, more like a full-time worker with more days off. I’m working part-time because I go to uni, amongst heaps of other things but I’m still attending school so that often takes up a lot of time. On a usual week, I work 4 days a week. This can be either a 5am-1pm shift, a 9-5pm or a 2pm-10pm shift as I don’t know or want to do overnights as of yet.

One of the things I like about not constantly working the same shifts is the flexibility it allows me to do other things and makes it feel as though I’ve got extra time to do activities like interning, playing oz-tag, the gym, writing, playing soccer, going to uni. A downside of it and a downside of being a manager is losing my weekends to work but I know that I do have to earn mula somehow.

After having 4 days in a row of 9-hour shifts due to sick calls from staff and having to stay back to help fix certain things around the store, I am absolutely knackered. So this is only a short blog post because I am just so tired right now. Yesterday, behind my eyes were hurting due to being so tired so I really just need a good sleep.

We out.