Fear Of Missing Out. FOMO.

Another festival to add to the ongoing list of hectic festivals and events I’ve been lucky enough to attend. Only this one was a little different as my friend and I are absolutely sure we developed dirt inhalation while we were there. Dancing on what was once grass quickly became dirt with over 15,000 people in the one space having a grand ol’ time. None-the-less we listened to some great jams, had a killer dance party, survived the mosh pit and sang with Post Malone. So the day went very well, despite Australia living up to its heckin hot weather, we had a mad time.

If anyone wants to listen to the playlist for FOMO, Spotify does a great job with stringing together songs. This link below is the playlist for FOMO 2018;

And to sum up this blog session here’s the video I created for the day!

(Make sure you watch it in HD + Give it a like if you think it’s groovy!)

We Out.

Film – FOMO 2018!

McDonalds Harbour Cruise!


I’m sorry it’s been so long my blog friends! I did go away for a couple of days with friends and was doing fun things and honestly just didn’t have the time to blog and didn’t think about it either. But I’m back and want to note the hectic night I had with my work.

Our official work Christmas party happened, finally. In January, but all good! On a Tuesday, there was free alcohol, free finger food, I went inside a proper casino for the first time, so that was pretty neat. The party was held for all the verified managers in our area to come and have a great time. Rest assured, we had a hectic time.

Our management team met up and caught the train to Sydney. We got off at Central and caught the light rail to The Star Casino. Got checked for I.D because we ‘looked young’. Went to the bar, bought some cocktails that had a bad after-taste and continued Happy Hour with some spirits instead. We watched the older managers gamble a little, some won, some lost, my friend and I cheered, it was interesting to watch. Then we headed for the boat around 6:30 which departed at 7pm. They held some awards for us and we received a Drive-Thru Experience Award for our stores’ efforts throughout the year.

After that, we were free to eat, drink, dance, and mingle. It was super great fun to hang out with my co-workers outside of work as we all get along quite nicely and had a good laugh (with lots of drinks). Some absolute bangers popped up, so massive thanks to the DJ for being the maker of a great night. We cruised around Sydney Harbour, under the Harbour Bridge, and past the Opera House, next to Luna Park, all of which were amazing to see at night and from a water view. My first official McDonalds Christmas Party was lit and I had a really really great night. Honestly, can’t wait for the next one, it was mad fun. (Hint hint: a video will be up soon).

We Out.



I haven’t blogged in 6 days and I apologise to you guys and myself for not making time. Although this is a reminder to have fun, (which is what I’ve been doing), (oh, I’ve also been working a lot). Work, sleep, smile has been my last 6 days. Which is great for my bank but I haven’t balanced out gym, blogging, my social life, or planning the next couple of months which are extremely hectic.

BUT, TONIGHT I AM ATTENDING A (VERY DELAYED) HARBOUR CRUISE CHRISTMAS PARTY WITH MY WORK. So that’s pretty cool and I’m excited! I even brought a new pair of pants for the occasion and they’re great. I did have to go and get the waist taken in a little which cost $5 but now they fit perfectly and I’m super happy with them! YAY!

ANYWAY; back to my reminder, HAVE FUN FRIENDS and I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully with another blog post and hopefully a cool video to edit and post on here!

We Out.

The Big Pineapple Festival!


The 26th of May, my birthday. This year it’s on a Saturday and because I’m turning an age where there’s a 0 at the end of the number, I get a birthday week. I was looking at heading overseas but after much in-depth research have decided against it and to wait till I have a longer period of time to throughly enjoy what another country and culture have to offer. I felt a bit rushed to choose a place and organise a trip due to May being so close and not really feeling 100% on one exact place. I also found out that going for a longer period of time, I’ll get to see more, spend more time immersing myself for a lot cheaper rather than only going for 9 or 10 days.


My Mum suggested I find something that I want to do and work backwards from there. So another research expedition began. Being a little bit of a festival-head, I researched music festivals that I be interested in going to. And guess what I found, a music festival, on my birthday, in Queensland, Australia. B-e-a-u-t-i-ful. Exactly what I wanted, it felt right when I found it and the rest is history. Nah just kidding, the planning begins for…


This calls for a hectic adventure up and around the coast of Queensland! The planning starts this afternoon, I’ll keep you updated with the line-up. But for now, I’ve gotta get ready for work (gotta pay for the trip somehow).

We Out.

Machu Picchu???


Turns out Spain will probably be too expensive to visit right now with the added fact of me only having 2 weeks of annual leave. I’d like to plan a trip that allows for a longer period of travel time but I don’t have that free time at the moment. So I’ve had to re-evaluate.

Now my plan is to do a tour of Machu Picchu in Peru instead and save Spain for when I’ve got more than a couple weeks to spare. I’ve been looking online and was thinking of going with Gadventures which is a tour company. But still have to look waaaayyy in-depth into it and go back to the travel agent with what I have decided!

I’m not stressing out, but I am running out of time as the tours fill up fast and really need to make a decision (something I am not good at, I’m a very indecisive person). Wish me luck!

We Out.