As I’ve blogged about before, I recently went on a Harbour Cruise with my work. We sailed around Sydney Harbour, drank free alcohol, ate free food, had a great time with great people. This is the video I made from the night, my first Christmas Party as a McDonald’s manager. Make sure you watch it in HD!

I do edit these for Instagram that is the one and only reason they are one minute long.

We Out.

Film – McDonalds Christmas Party!


Fear Of Missing Out. FOMO.

Another festival to add to the ongoing list of hectic festivals and events I’ve been lucky enough to attend. Only this one was a little different as my friend and I are absolutely sure we developed dirt inhalation while we were there. Dancing on what was once grass quickly became dirt with over 15,000 people in the one space having a grand ol’ time. None-the-less we listened to some great jams, had a killer dance party, survived the mosh pit and sang with Post Malone. So the day went very well, despite Australia living up to its heckin hot weather, we had a mad time.

If anyone wants to listen to the playlist for FOMO, Spotify does a great job with stringing together songs. This link below is the playlist for FOMO 2018;

And to sum up this blog session here’s the video I created for the day!

(Make sure you watch it in HD + Give it a like if you think it’s groovy!)

We Out.

Film – FOMO 2018!

  • Got annual leave approved
  • Alex rented this Van over the New Year for 10 days
  • Traveled up to Falls Festival
  • From Sydney to Byron Bay
  • 9.5 hours of driving
  • Camped in the van, it became our home
  • Had some mad late night jams (you can listen to this in the video)
  • Stopped at many servos, to stop, revive and survive
  • Woke up in some really cool places with amazing views
  • Ran the battery flat twice from using the air-con at night because it was darn hot
  • Had the best time
  • Welcomed 2018


And here’s the video I made to remember our little road-trip. (watch in HD)

Film – The Van.