Health and Fitness Niche


I’m updating, changing and trying to figure out my niche. I believe it will be Health, Fitness and Muscle Development. (basically gym talk).

I am no advice-giver, health professional or expert. This is just what I do to keep my body feeling good and ultimately healthy.

So yeah, if you’re into that or just wanna keep up with some cool things that I want to say, follow me and like up my posts for more. (jk, I’ll be posting whether you like it or not).

We Out. 

Communication Day


Also referred to as “Comm Day”. Every 3-6 months the managers either receive a review or just a communication meeting from the Boss and the Boss’ Boss. For me, these days are nothing to worry about because when I’m at work, I work dang hard, so nothing to worry about. Other managers who are not doing so well they get roasted and get told to pick up their game. We had a Comm day recently and I thought I’d give you a little insight into how mine went.

Every review or Comm Day you agree with your boss on actions that you will move forward with to better improve the company, your performance, and the overall store. Last Comm Day not the recent one, the one before that, I had five agreed actions to work on and targets to hit by next Comm Day (the recent one). These were my results;

Number 1; Side 2 Opportunity over Lunch Periods decreased from 55% to 25%.

 This means having people on both sides of the line at McDonalds making burgers, having two people making two different orders at the same time decreases the wait time for customers.

  • I smashed this target with a percentage of 8%.

Number 2; Decrease MFY time from 72 seconds to 62 seconds.

 This refers to how long it takes for crew to serve off the orders on their screen. Going by procedure, the order should be served off when the bun hits the clam but when the orders back up in busy periods, it gets harder to keep this timer low. 

  • I didn’t meet this target but also didn’t go backwards either, staying at 72 seconds.

Number 3; Increasing TET from 74% to 78%.

 TET stands for Total Experienc Time, meaning from when a customer joins a queue to order to when they receive their order completed.

  • I blew this one out of the park with an increasing TET percent to 85%.

Number 4; Increaing STA from 43% to 60%.

 STA stands for Station Training App, this helps managers and crew trainer ensure we are teaching, correcting and re-training any crew that need it. There is a daily checklist that needs to be completed to increase this percentage. 

  • I managed to achieve a 58% which my bosses were still impressed with.

Lastly, Number 5; Reviewing Daily Activities frequently (every 2 hours on shift).

  • This couldn’t really be followed by stats but I did reassure them that I was checking the labour results and sales more frequently on shift which is great.


So yeah, I have been doing really well at McDonalds as a manager and I’m so glad that they have these meetings reguarly to remind me that I am achieving the right things and heading in the right direction. If anyone wants to know a workplace that has excellent training systems, workplace reviews, facilities and management, look at a Worldwide company that isn’t slowing down.

I recommend McDonalds as a first job, extra job, full-time work, part-time, casual. It is a very flexable workplace and suits my needs greatly while I’m still studying at Uni.

We Out. 

Uni uni uni uni uni


Currently a waiting game. I’m forever waiting for my Uni to confirm my classes for this semester so I can get prepared and purchase myself some new books. I really love getting organised but I don’t know my classes yet, so I can’t organise anything! Know my feels? I also cannot believe I’m in my second year at uni, which is strange and came around so quickly like what the heck? But that’s exciting.

  • One book usually lasts me a full year which is really cool.
  • I print out and bind together my learning guides which has all the content I need to know in them.
  • I have to purchase my parking ticket for the year.

I also want to paint my room, design a pattern and do something on the biggest wall in my room. I am unsure as to what yet but I’ll get around to it soon hopefully.

I have overnights coming up soon which is a little bit of a killer but they’re probably the last ones before uni goes back so that’s nice.


I’m thinking about buying a drone to use for my videos. Some of them are cheap and I think would add a really cool element to my videos, a new and different perspective. I’m reallllllly looking into it right now and considering just going out today and buying one. BRB, while I do that!

We Out.


As I’ve blogged about before, I recently went on a Harbour Cruise with my work. We sailed around Sydney Harbour, drank free alcohol, ate free food, had a great time with great people. This is the video I made from the night, my first Christmas Party as a McDonald’s manager. Make sure you watch it in HD!

I do edit these for Instagram that is the one and only reason they are one minute long.

We Out.

Film – McDonalds Christmas Party!



I’ve been neglecting my blog. It honestly just has not been on my mind. I wake up, eat something, go to work. I come home from work, go to the gym, have a shower and repeat all of the above steps. I haven’t had a day off or spare time for much else. My bank account loves me but my creative side is just sitting and waiting for it’s time to shine. I have been making some videos for my workplace because I NEED to exert creatively somehow. And guess what, go on, have a stab in the dark at what is currently happening. I have a day off and guess where I’m going… back to work, for a managers meeting – ON MY DAY OFF. What a joker. Out of all the days, my boss chooses today.

ANYWAY, enough of that.

I’ve finished some cute vids that will be up real soon :))) I’m keen, you should get keen. Just need to get past the loading and sending to my laptop from my phone stage and we’ll be well on the way. :)) Talk soon qts.

We Out.