Hello, welcome to my blog.

Wow. How can someone just sit there and think that we won’t say anything when they aren’t pulling their weight or contributing to the group assignment? BECAUSE WE WILL.

It’s literal name is GROUP assignment, meaning multiple people, working together.

I’m going to give you a little back story – for one of my units at Uni, we’re making a documentary. Our groups documentary is on Sydney Trains and the day-to-day activities that happen on the stations and platforms. Our group gets together, makes a Facebook group chat and starts a Google shared document to work on our plan and proposal for the documentary. Everyone is adding and helping out, writing, throwing out ideas, listing the equipment we need and ultimately our project is coming along well. With Google shared docs, you can see who’s completed what and edited which part of the document. So we log on and look and one of the girls in our group has logged on, changed her name to the correct spelling, and logged off. It’s been about 3-4 days and she hasn’t been on since. Not one single word, fullstop, comma, letter or underline. Zip. Zlech. Nothing.

To add to it, we had class today and the same girl messages the group chat and says she can’t come to class because she’s helping her friend with her assignment that’s due tonight.


So what did we do? Well, I don’t like to be a snitch but my other friend in the group and myself saw no other option then to tell our tutor. This girl has done nothing and been no help, the assignment is basically completed as it’s due tomorrow, so there’s nothing she can do because we have already completed it.

Moral of the story? Sometimes you have to be a dibber dibber because sometimes people don’t deserve the marks.

Cya l8r alig8tr.

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