Uni uni uni uni uni


Currently a waiting game. I’m forever waiting for my Uni to confirm my classes for this semester so I can get prepared and purchase myself some new books. I really love getting organised but I don’t know my classes yet, so I can’t organise anything! Know my feels? I also cannot believe I’m in my second year at uni, which is strange and came around so quickly like what the heck? But that’s exciting.

  • One book usually lasts me a full year which is really cool.
  • I print out and bind together my learning guides which has all the content I need to know in them.
  • I have to purchase my parking ticket for the year.

I also want to paint my room, design a pattern and do something on the biggest wall in my room. I am unsure as to what yet but I’ll get around to it soon hopefully.

I have overnights coming up soon which is a little bit of a killer but they’re probably the last ones before uni goes back so that’s nice.


I’m thinking about buying a drone to use for my videos. Some of them are cheap and I think would add a really cool element to my videos, a new and different perspective. I’m reallllllly looking into it right now and considering just going out today and buying one. BRB, while I do that!

We Out.

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