I’ve been neglecting my blog. It honestly just has not been on my mind. I wake up, eat something, go to work. I come home from work, go to the gym, have a shower and repeat all of the above steps. I haven’t had a day off or spare time for much else. My bank account loves me but my creative side is just sitting and waiting for it’s time to shine. I have been making some videos for my workplace because I NEED to exert creatively somehow. And guess what, go on, have a stab in the dark at what is currently happening. I have a day off and guess where I’m going… back to work, for a managers meeting – ON MY DAY OFF. What a joker. Out of all the days, my boss chooses today.

ANYWAY, enough of that.

I’ve finished some cute vids that will be up real soon :))) I’m keen, you should get keen. Just need to get past the loading and sending to my laptop from my phone stage and we’ll be well on the way. :)) Talk soon qts.

We Out.

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