Film – FOMO 2018!


Fear Of Missing Out. FOMO.

Another festival to add to the ongoing list of hectic festivals and events I’ve been lucky enough to attend. Only this one was a little different as my friend and I are absolutely sure we developed dirt inhalation while we were there. Dancing on what was once grass quickly became dirt with over 15,000 people in the one space having a grand ol’ time. None-the-less we listened to some great jams, had a killer dance party, survived the mosh pit and sang with Post Malone. So the day went very well, despite Australia living up to its heckin hot weather, we had a mad time.

If anyone wants to listen to the playlist for FOMO, Spotify does a great job with stringing together songs. This link below is the playlist for FOMO 2018;

And to sum up this blog session here’s the video I created for the day!

(Make sure you watch it in HD + Give it a like if you think it’s groovy!)

We Out.

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