McDonalds Harbour Cruise!


I’m sorry it’s been so long my blog friends! I did go away for a couple of days with friends and was doing fun things and honestly just didn’t have the time to blog and didn’t think about it either. But I’m back and want to note the hectic night I had with my work.

Our official work Christmas party happened, finally. In January, but all good! On a Tuesday, there was free alcohol, free finger food, I went inside a proper casino for the first time, so that was pretty neat. The party was held for all the verified managers in our area to come and have a great time. Rest assured, we had a hectic time.

Our management team met up and caught the train to Sydney. We got off at Central and caught the light rail to The Star Casino. Got checked for I.D because we ‘looked young’. Went to the bar, bought some cocktails that had a bad after-taste and continued Happy Hour with some spirits instead. We watched the older managers gamble a little, some won, some lost, my friend and I cheered, it was interesting to watch. Then we headed for the boat around 6:30 which departed at 7pm. They held some awards for us and we received a Drive-Thru Experience Award for our stores’ efforts throughout the year.

After that, we were free to eat, drink, dance, and mingle. It was super great fun to hang out with my co-workers outside of work as we all get along quite nicely and had a good laugh (with lots of drinks). Some absolute bangers popped up, so massive thanks to the DJ for being the maker of a great night. We cruised around Sydney Harbour, under the Harbour Bridge, and past the Opera House, next to Luna Park, all of which were amazing to see at night and from a water view. My first official McDonalds Christmas Party was lit and I had a really really great night. Honestly, can’t wait for the next one, it was mad fun. (Hint hint: a video will be up soon).

We Out.

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