I haven’t blogged in 6 days and I apologise to you guys and myself for not making time. Although this is a reminder to have fun, (which is what I’ve been doing), (oh, I’ve also been working a lot). Work, sleep, smile has been my last 6 days. Which is great for my bank but I haven’t balanced out gym, blogging, my social life, or planning the next couple of months which are extremely hectic.

BUT, TONIGHT I AM ATTENDING A (VERY DELAYED) HARBOUR CRUISE CHRISTMAS PARTY WITH MY WORK. So that’s pretty cool and I’m excited! I even brought a new pair of pants for the occasion and they’re great. I did have to go and get the waist taken in a little which cost $5 but now they fit perfectly and I’m super happy with them! YAY!

ANYWAY; back to my reminder, HAVE FUN FRIENDS and I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully with another blog post and hopefully a cool video to edit and post on here!

We Out.

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