2018 Goals.


Goals, we all need them. The following are the beginning of mine for 2018, although they (my goals) are forever changing.

  1. Travel There’s a rule, well not really a rule more like a newly found tradition that if your birthday ends with a 0 you get to have a birthday week. For instance, when my Mum turned 50 (this is when the tradition started) she got to have a birthday week and do whatever she wanted. My older brother turned 20 and he got a birthday week, so he and I went to Melbourne. Now it’s my turn as I’m turning 20, I get to have a birthday week and I’d like to go to Spain but that is still undecided and currently looking into it.

  2. Spend more time with Mum – self-explanatory

  3. Continue with my online blog and written diary

  4. Continue making little videos – The next one will be up on my blog very soon, so stay tuned for that.

  5. Attend a film-making course or workshop unless the next units at uni address what I want to learn – I’m currently enrolled in Documentary Media and Screen & Sound, among other subjects at Uni.


We Out.

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