Waiting Game.


I am currently waiting for my bank to transfer my money into my partner’s account so I can purchase a more customisable blog site!

This is because I don’t have a credit card or PayPalΒ or anything like that.

But when it happens, (approximately 2 business days), I’ll be upgrading my blog and adding all my videos I’ve edited from Falls Festival and our Roadtrip. WOOOO HOOOO! I’m SO excited for that to happen as I really enjoy making videos and editing them, although I’m not sure about the Youtube space. I don’t know if I want my videos on there, maybe in the future but for right now, I just want to create an online space for my writing and my videos all in one. A creative outlet that is mine to enjoy, which is why I come on here and just write about all sorts of things. Mainly what’s on my mind, what I’m thinking about or any goals and ambitions I may have. It’s also a good journal, to look back on the things I’ve written and thought about previously.

I would like to spend more time making this space my own, I’m just finding the time in between work and going to the gym and family time and planning Spain and applying for internships and getting enough sleep. Man oh man, work-life balance is hard to find and maintain. But we’ll get there one day.

We Out.

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