4 Kg Weight Gain.


As you know I went on a road trip to Falls Festival in Byron Bay over the New Year, (you know because I literally haven’t stopped blogging about it). Being on the road for just over a week, Alex and I were limited in the meals we could make as most of the time we were tired and couldn’t be bothered prepping, cooking, washing up to then drive another 2-3 hours till over next stop. So we ate out a lot, a lot, a lot. McDonald’s was our go-to.

I’m an avid gym-goer and not being in the routine of working out was a little hard but also relaxing as we were both on annual leave, enjoying ourselves. Coming back from having our little holiday getaway, I weighed myself because my belly was feeling so tense and bloated. I had gained 4 kilos – in the span of approximately 8 days. Crazy… yet understandable. We weren’t working out every day, eating unhealthy foods (no fruit in sight) and it really showed when we arrived home!

But all is well, we’re slowly getting back into the routine and back on track with our workouts. I was thinking of creating my own 6 or 8-week program to help myself get back to where I was fitness-wise. So in the next couple of days, I’m probably going to look into starting that. – With Uni not starting for another month, I’ve got plenty of free time to do some other things. :)))

  • Videos are still being edited
  • Website is still being updated (slowly) 
  • My Creative desire is still being fulfilled

We Out.

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