Life Update;


  • Today is Tuesday.
  • Todays’ date is 12/12/2017.
  • In the weekend that just past, I attended my cousin’s wedding in Wollongong, drove down with my Mum and Dad and watched my cousin get married. It was so great to see him so happy and having fun.
  • Took the weekend off work to go and enjoy some time down there which was really cool.
  • This weekend, my older brother turns 21 and we’re currently trying to organise a party for him.
  • It’s a blue themed party so today Ben and I went and got our outfits that are blue.
  • I scored this hectic blue tie-dye shirt from the Salvos for $3.
  • I actually plan on going back to get another one because they’re cool and I can wear it to the gym AND it’s only $3.
  • It’s coming up to the end of the year, my Christmas shopping is almost complete and Alex and I have bought tickets for Falls Fest. Which is a three-day festival running over the New Year, we are very excited for.
  • Currently trying to plan my 20th Birthday trip to Spain in May of 2018.
  • And I have my third last intern day tomorrow at the place in Randwick.
  • Life is CRAZIΒ FUN.

We Out.

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