The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.


I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet. Am I crazy, yes.Β Why yes I am. It’s the 4th of December and I haven’t started. Although I am very sure that my list of people to buy for isn’t that large I still end up spending a fair amount of money on the people I care about because they mean most.

I was speaking with some workmates and they were commenting on all the boyfriends’ mums friends they have to buy for and all their cousins’ partners or something. I am so glad I never crossed that path with the people I hang out with and don’t feel the need to buy for them. Sometimes it just gets so expensive and so stupid as the gifts you give or receive are useless. Like someone giving you a gift that you either don’t use or feel as though the gift has just been regifted to you.

I would love to know the worst gift you’ve been given from anyone. That would be a good read! I think my worst gift was from a relative (I will not give any detail on which relative). I have never been one to have pierced ears in my lobes (I had my helix pierced as a 16-year-old but I took it out) but from this relative, I got a bunch of really nice earrings??? hahaha. It was a great laugh and I think at one stage I gave one of the earrings to my boyfriend because he had his ear pierced and I didn’t. It did prove that this relative didn’t really know much about me though and has made me really think about the people I buy for and gift them something they will enjoy and use.


We out.

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