After finalising dates for my annual leave next year, I’m spending a week away as I’m turning 20.

-little backstory-

When my Mum turned 50, she decided that when you turn a number that has a zero on the end of your birthday you can have a birthday week. Typical, I know right.

-end of backstory-

So I’m turning 20 years old next May (not a teenager anymore, what in heck??) and I get a birthday week. So I’m planning on going overseas which I’m super duper excited about (just read my past blogs) and I was originally thinking Morocco but now, looking into it more I’m thinking Spain.

I was also looking into Contiki and using their company rather than planning the whole trip myself. Any experienced people with Contiki or any travel company suggestions? I AM JUST SO EXCITED AND CAN’T STOP BROWSING THROUGH THEIR WEBSITES AND TRIPS.

Oh and a little heads up, this may or may not turn into a travel blog (definitely will). #pabsyvisitseurope

We out.


  1. Sounds like it’ll be great fun. I’ve done Morocco and Spain, both are great fun. Be sure to visit Barcelona if you go to Spain, and go to ouzarzate if you visit Morocco. Both special places 😊🙂

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      1. Ha we used to try to plan everything and I think it’s the way to go if you’re travelling short term. But we’re travelling for years at a time – trying to plan all that is a nightmare 😂 how about you?


      2. Last time we went, we sort of just flew over and worked out what we wanted to do when we got there. Basically, everything was spontaneous decisions 😂 Years at a time – that’s heaps cool!

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      3. Yeah it becomes spontaneous by necessity after a while 😂 yeah we’re having a great time – it’s difficult not to miss home at this time of year though 😑


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