White Noise


That’s all I could hear. Sitting in my car, outside the gym on a late Wednesday evening. White Noise.

I found myself trying to comprehend life as we know it. No, I wasn’t on any drugs. No, I wasn’t intoxicated. I didn’t feel the high I usually get after working out at the gym. I don’t think I was feeling anything. Maybe, just maybe, I was feeling everything and my head wasn’t coping with all the information it’s received over the past week. But there I was, listening to nothing except white noise.

I had the urge to drive. I didn’t have anywhere planned as I felt my brain shuffling through places I could go to be alone. I turned on my car and pushed it into gear. Within minutes I was somewhere I didn’t expect, somewhere I didn’t plan to go. It’s possible I was guided in some way but I don’t know. Guess where I ended up… At my Church. Of all places. I haven’t been to Church since last Christmas and there I was sitting in my car outside the Church. Was I looking for some kind of guidance? I don’t know. A sign or maybe some kind of thought pushed into my head, reassurance of what I am currently doing is correct and everything is as it should be. As if there is some kind of path that I should be following and that I am on the right one. Who knows? I’m just taking life as it comes.

We out.

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