Uni Results are out.



That is just absolutely crazy to think about, passed all my units. Wow. A year ago I never thought I’d get this far but here are, achieving and stuff. Feels so good.

This first year of Uni, all done and dusted. Let me tell you that some bits were harder than others but ultimately it all comes down to the effort, time and energy you put into it. From personal experience, I was actually failing one of my classes, going really downhill with all of it as I couldn’t keep up with the content and understanding it. It was to do with financial things and here I am as a Humanitarian Student doing this random financial unit. I just started to think that it wasn’t for me and I was going to fail the unit as I couldn’t wrap my head around the concepts even when I was doing all the lectures and paying attention in class. Everything was moving at a very quick pace, including the teacher who just zoomed through all the notes and questions. My future for that unit was looking dull.

After completing the mid-semester exam and receiving my results which turned out to be 10/20, only just passing, I spoke to my Mum about it as I was getting overwhelmed with all the content and was really struggling in the unit and told her I was passing uncomfortably. I was still passing the class but that was it – only just passing. She suggested I make more of an effort, there had to be something more I could do, like speaking to the teacher, asking someone online, take an extra class somewhere, do some more study. That night I sat on my bed and told myself I wouldn’t fail this class, I would find a way to learn this material and understand what was being asked of me. So that’s what I did.

I went to the uni website and found a student to student Financial class that was online on Tuesday nights and logged on every week – which did help in some cases. It was really helpful to know that I wasn’t the only one struggling with it. When the final exam time came around the online class gave out specific details into what was in the exam and my class lecturer told us EXACTLY what to study. I went to work. I wrote out everything I needed to know, every chapter, every section, study the words and definitions I needed to know, highlighted the more important things, drew out the graphs I needed to memorise. The exam was 2 hours, I stayed the whole time and made sure I was confident in almost every detail.

Results for all my units came out today, I don’t know what I got in the exam as it doesn’t tell you. BUT I GOT A CREDIT FOR THE CLASS. LIKE WHAT THE HECK. I WENT FROM FAILING THE CLASS TO A HECTIC CREDIT. HOW EVEN? It was mad.


  • failing a financial enterprise unit at Uni
  • told myself I wouldn’t let myself fail so easily
  • studied hard
  • came out with a credit

One year down, three to go.

We out.

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