Today I received my first payment for an article I wrote. It was extremely cool, such a great feeling. I’m STILL SO HAPPY AND EXCITED ABOUT IT. AHHHH! It was a $20 eftpos voucher but I’m still very grateful and extremely happy with being paid to publish, it’s mad. I’ll link the article below so you can go check it out, I think I already did on my last blog post but I’ll do it again because it’s almost hit 250 shares!!! XD


I’ve also shared it on my socials, so check them out as well, they’re linked on my WordPress page.

This is only a short blog update because I need to go to Oz-tag tonight and the game starts soon. Thankyou to everyone reading along and following me, that’s pretty mad as well. Omg, I’m also so tired as I’ve been cleaning out my wardrobe and room and de-cluttering everything while I’ve got time off work and Uni which is pretty cool.

ANOTHER THING – I bought Alex and myself tickets to a festival next weekend on Bondi Beach in Sydney, so we’ll be there in a week jamming out to the Cat Empire among others. I’ll leave a link where you can check them out because they’re one of our favourite bands as well. Alex introduced them to me when we first started dating – about 4 and a half years ago which is amazing! – I’ll make sure to blog about the festival and grab a hectic photo for the feature photo as well!

The Cat Empire:

We out.

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