Our long, windy day at the beach.


Man oh man, couldn’t have picked a worse day to go to the beach. My boyfriend (Alex) and I packed our car on Thursday morning and we were not ready for such a bad day. Alex has just finished his overnight shift and he usually doesn’t sleep until the afternoon and I was planning to go and write by the beach. He packed his car with a tent, mini stove, utensils, esky, and swimmers ready for the following day. I had the very light load of remembering the towels – thank the lord I did. And off we went, making a few stops before we got to the beach. One being the shops to grab some bacon and eggs to cook while we were there, another being Cotton On for me to purchase some new swimmers as I didn’t have any that fit anymore.

We made it to the beach, later than we thought, unpacking all of our gear as we headed down the to water. When it got to undoing the tent I thought to myself, man it’s going to be hard to do in this wind but we kept going anyway. We placed the guide ropes on the tent around big rocks and dug them into the sand to keep the tent upright and so it didn’t blow away. Mind you, this took ages along with getting our stuff inside, sorting out the stove and getting ready to cook. Why did we even bother – I don’t know and I bet heaps of people would’ve just have given up. But we didn’t, we persevered so hard. By this time it was 1pm and we were starving, the wind just kept picking up but our tent stayed in placed and we were proud of what we had done with the rocks and in terms of stabilising the tent.

After a bacon and egg wrap each, Alex went for a swim and were both really tired but also enjoying ourselves. The tent was an oasis of calm peaceful space compared to the high winds outside. We stayed a little longer then decided to head home. Everything was easy to pack up – besides the tent which is a just a terrible thing to put back inside its little case sleeve thing. Eventually, I took everything back to the car while Alex tried to figure out the tent. And by the time I came back he had sorted it out and was a champion in my eyes – packing the tent away was extremely difficult. Why does it need to be that hard? It pops out of the cover so easily, why can’t it pop back in??

Reflecting on the day – we loved every bit but omg it was such a hassle on the windiest day with sand flying everywhere – we decided to go? What the heck. It was a great time and great bonding experience, harder than the IKEA relationship goals challenge – so we’re set if we need to work anything out together. What a crazy beautiful day with an amazing person.

We out.

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