Getting Published.


I’ve been interested in writing for probably about 3 years now but never really took it seriously till about a year ago maybe?? That time frame is a crazy guess because I’m really not sure. I think the interest in writing came from doing the subject of English in High School. I was always really good at it and without trying received higher results in my writing. Whether I was writing stories, essays, speeches, mini-essays or just short paragraphs my teachers would think I was doing really well. I actually came first place in year 12 for the English subject at my school, which was surprisingly easy. Figuring out what the teachers wanted to read in my essays was easy and everything else just followed.

It wasn’t until I was on holidays with my family in New Zealand where I saw an article to write for a website called Student Edge (link to my articles – plug plug). So I followed the criteria and sent in a short article about coming into the new year and how it doesn’t need to suck as much as everyone thought, or something like that. An editor got back to me and liked the short little pitch I wrote and asked if I wanted to be a contributor for 3 months. At first, I was so unsure it was even real or if I even wanted to do it. So I did what anyone in my position would do, I spoke to my mum about it and explained how I applied. She obviously said go for it and I did. After 3 months the editor was liking the work I was putting out and asked if I wanted to stay on for another 3 months and of course I said yes because I was enjoying the program and producing the articles. When the next 3 months was up the editor told me that was the maximum time he could allow a contributor to be on with them. He gave me a letter of recommendation and told me to contact him if I ever needed help with anything which was really cool. Altogether I wrote 9 articles with Student Edge I think, which to me was heaps because I had never written before. It was also a voluntary position and he said don’t let it interfere with your Uni work so if the article wasn’t in on time, that was okay.

Fast-forward to 5 months later. Writing for Student Edge finished in July and it’s now November. I had an article pop up on my facebook that said: “Write for us – we pay”. I was like yes please, that would be excellent. So I followed the criteria again and developed some pitches to send off and get looked at. Within a day an editor got back to me and liked one of my pitches and asked for a full article on it to hopefully publish. I worked on that, taking me about two days (including procrastination) to complete. I sent it off and within a week the editor got back to me and said looks good, just needs some little edits. The next day it was online and published. Brilliant.


This is the link if you’re interested, give it a share if you’d like as well 😉

We out.


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