The ‘Riff’

via Daily Prompt: Riff


I can’t believe this is a daily prompt word. I live in Australia and we have a suburb called Penrith. My Dad especially I can recall making up nicknames for the places we go and visit. Penrith is often referred to as The ‘Riff’. The number of times I’ve been to Penrith in my life is around, actually, I can’t even say a number because it is that huge. I can’t decide between the thousands but it’s a lot.

I have so many memories of being in Penrith as I use to play for their soccer team, countless weekends up at the fields. We travel through Penrith on the way to the mountains, Krispy Kreme is there, the Penrith Panthers play footy their at the stadium. Penrith, The ‘Riff’ is a part of the Western Suburbs of Sydney and is booming with people every day as they’ve also got the Penrith Plaza shopping centre.

What a nice daily prompt for writing inspo. Keep em coming hahaha.

We out.

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