Not working a 9-5 every single day.


I work part-time. Part-time for the company I work for means; as often as possible, more like a full-time worker with more days off. I’m working part-time because I go to uni, amongst heaps of other things but I’m still attending school so that often takes up a lot of time. On a usual week, I work 4 days a week. This can be either a 5am-1pm shift, a 9-5pm or a 2pm-10pm shift as I don’t know or want to do overnights as of yet.

One of the things I like about not constantly working the same shifts is the flexibility it allows me to do other things and makes it feel as though I’ve got extra time to do activities like interning, playing oz-tag, the gym, writing, playing soccer, going to uni. A downside of it and a downside of being a manager is losing my weekends to work but I know that I do have to earn mulaΒ somehow.

After having 4 days in a row of 9-hour shifts due to sick calls from staff and having to stay back to help fix certain things around the store, I am absolutely knackered. So this is only a short blog post because I am just so tired right now. Yesterday, behind my eyes were hurting due to being so tired so I really just need a good sleep.

We out.

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