Getting your work out there.


Recently I’ve been trying to contact websites, companies and businesses that are basically blog-based. The reason for this is, I want to move into being a writer or blogger or article-content producer or writer or editor. BASICALLY ANYTHING in the writing and content producing world would be great. Getting paid to write and make my own content would be just so cool.

Last year I did some work with Student Edge, which is an Australian Student based website that helps students with discounts and job ideas and little article pieces. I worked with the editor through email and completed 9 articles over about a 5 month period. It was originally a 3 month thing but the editor asked me to stay on longer because he liked what I was producing (which was really awesome to hear). It was a volunteer contributor position and really great experience for me to have as it helped me grow as a writer.

I have been looking online over the past maybe 2 months to try and find more websites and places that would do a similar thing. It’s been a challenge to find some. I did come across one that would pay for the articles I wrote and have contacted them, I’m waiting for a reply so far. There’s another that I’m also interested in that is another volunteer contributor position who I will hopefully get in contact with very soon.

If anyone has any recommendations for places, websites or content positions, I would love to hear about them so I can start writing more often and producing/refining my writing. But right at this moment, I need to get ready for work and leave in 10 minutes because I wanted to blog so this is officially making me late. #whoops

We out.

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