I’ve very recently started this little thing on my Facebook. Every Tuesday at some point during the day, I try to do it post in the mornings so the songs are stuck with the people for the rest of the day. So what I do is think of a past song or a popular older song that’s catchy. I Google the lyrics to the song, making sure the one I get is correct and I copy the whole song from Google. Then open Facebook and post the song on their with the hashtag #TuesdayTunes. It’s been going strong for about 4 weeks so far, so a month of posting song lyrics. I like to think that people have that song stuck in their head and that they’ll sing it throughout the day, unknowingly linking it to the post I made that morning. hehehe. I also like to think that they are unaware the little seed of that song came from me.

My most recent #TuesdayTunes was Maroon 5’s ‘This Love’ only due to them releasing their new album and the fact that of that song being the whole reason I got into them as a kid. Singing that song on Singstar on the Playstation was my life. I was no good at singing or Singstar but I knew all the words to that song and still do, can recall it off by heart. It’ll always be one of my faves.

My first #TuesdayTunes was ‘I’m a Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child. The song not being in anyway relevant to me in the relationship terms of things, but the “I’m gonna work harder” bit really hit my heart driving to uni one day. I just had an epiphany moment when I was driving and felt this crazy urge to post it. That’s how #TuesdayTunes started. So if you wanna take my Tuesday Tunes hashtag go ahead but I’d love to see it, so tag me in it or something.

We out.

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