Being An Intern.


So, I’m an Intern.

I’m an unpaid person who works for a company to gain ‘experience’ in my chosen industry. I wake up on a Wednesday morning at 6am to have a shower and get ready. If I’m just chilling as I’m getting ready for any day, it takes me an hour. But I have to cut it short on Wednesdays because of a few things; one, I want more sleep and don’t want to wake up earlier. And two, there’s a 15 minute gap between having a clean 1.5 hour drive to the internship that’s located in Randwick (Sydney) or being that 15 minutes later and being stuck in traffic for over 2 hours, most probably resulting in me being late. 15 MINUTES is all it takes.Β I usually leave my house around 6:40-6:45am just to be on the safe side, anything after or near 7am and the traffic is just bumper to bumper.

Now this is an unpaid events and social media internship, so I go to the office and am there between the hours of 9am and 5:30pm. I do some database entry, email the members individually, work on flyers and promotions editing/photoshop along with press releases and finding images to post on their social media. Due to the contract I have with them, I cannot disclose any information about their company, the events they organise or anything like that but I would like to say it is really cool. It’s great experience for me and at the end of 3 months, I receive a reference from them recognising that I’ve gotten this experience.

After having completed a months work at this establishment, I have come to realise that I never ever want to work a desk job for a long period of time. It is absolutely draining for my whole body. Being an active individual, sitting at a desk for 8 hours just puts my body into like shock I guess, hahaha, because I haven’t really moved much only around the office. My heart rate stays the same pace and I’m just looking at the same screen to get things done, it’s crazy. The long hours are a killer, spending my whole day travelling to the internship, working there and travelling back out into the Western suburbs definitely do tire me out.

I would like to note that an internship is great experience that shows future employers you are committed and are trying to gain this experience in the industry. It’s also great to have another reference letter under my belt. If anyone is looking to apply for an internship, I do recommend it as the experience of learning new things and meeting new people is very handy. I will probably blog about this again, in more detail but that’s basically it for now. Me, just ranting about traffic.

We out.

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