Creating my brothers 21st Invitation.


Over the past two days I’ve been on my laptop for approximately 5 hours, making an invitation for my older brother, Ben’s 21st Birthday. I started from scratch on a power-point document with a small idea that stemmed from my Mum. Something to do with a filmstrip and incorporating his baby photos in with the old film strip.

When we first sat down, we didn’t really know what to do with it and I wasn’t really feeling the filmstrip as it doesn’t really describe my brother well. So we kept at it, throwing some ideas around, experimenting with different styles, themes and typography’s. WeΒ  settled on creating a card-based invite, with his photos in where the creature usually goes as he loves his card games and most of his friends will like it as well.

A two-day editing process and what Mum and I put together is really cool. Suits my brother to an absolute tee. It’s such a funny invite and I really enjoyed putting it together for him. I guess I’m pretty good at that sorta stuff, so if anyone wants their birthday invitations custom made, just hit me up hahaha.

I’ve added it in as the feature photo because it’s cool but edited out the info because this is literally the internet and anything can happen.

We out.

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