I just wanted somewhere to write and edit.


First blog, wowza. It’s good to be here. Good to be chilling. This has been an idea in my head for a while now, starting a blog. It actually came up on Facebook as a Timehop post from a year ago, I wrote a status stating I wanted to start a blog. And here we are, one year later, starting the blog.


Jessica Pabian’s first blog. Today is also a great day to start the blog because I watched this video that really got to me, it started off being about domestic violence and changing your mindset and perspective and re-discovering yourself. Then when it was almost over the lady speaking, Lisa Nicolas, said some things that really resonated with me and stuck in my brain. She said;

Words are power. Words speak life.

I thought back to when I was writing articles for Student Edge and how much I enjoyed doing so. I also was reminded how much I love words and how powerful they can be, evoking different emotions, thoughts and feelings from anyone who reads them. So those three words, “Words are power” is what really pushed me to start this journey of blogging.

I don’t have any idea where this will go or what it will help me with but I feel it’s a good step forward. It’s exciting to see what I will come up with and in what direction this blog will go. I’m still working on finding the kinks and adding to my site as a whole. Everything I do on here will become a cool process, I’m also using Lynda.com to teach myself different techniques and design ideas so that’s pretty sweet as well.

We out.

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