Hello, welcome to my blog.

Wow. How can someone just sit there and think that we won’t say anything when they aren’t pulling their weight or contributing to the group assignment? BECAUSE WE WILL.

It’s literal name is GROUP assignment, meaning multiple people, working together.

I’m going to give you a little back story – for one of my units at Uni, we’re making a documentary. Our groups documentary is on Sydney Trains and the day-to-day activities that happen on the stations and platforms. Our group gets together, makes a Facebook group chat and starts a Google shared document to work on our plan and proposal for the documentary. Everyone is adding and helping out, writing, throwing out ideas, listing the equipment we need and ultimately our project is coming along well. With Google shared docs, you can see who’s completed what and edited which part of the document. So we log on and look and one of the girls in our group has logged on, changed her name to the correct spelling, and logged off. It’s been about 3-4 days and she hasn’t been on since. Not one single word, fullstop, comma, letter or underline. Zip. Zlech. Nothing.

To add to it, we had class today and the same girl messages the group chat and says she can’t come to class because she’s helping her friend with her assignment that’s due tonight.


So what did we do? Well, I don’t like to be a snitch but my other friend in the group and myself saw no other option then to tell our tutor. This girl has done nothing and been no help, the assignment is basically completed as it’s due tomorrow, so there’s nothing she can do because we have already completed it.

Moral of the story? Sometimes you have to be a dibber dibber because sometimes people don’t deserve the marks.

Cya l8r alig8tr.


Hello, welcome to my blog.

I haven’t been committed to blogging recently and when I think about it, it makes me feel bad that I haven’t made the time to keep up to date with everything. But it does mean I’m using my time where I currently need it most and that is… Doing all my set uni work, completing assignments for all four of my units, reading almost all of the material we are meant to, researching data and information for my articles and assessments. So I feel semi good about not blogging as often as I use to because I am making progress elsewhere.


(If you don’t eat chocolate on Easter morning, is it really Easter??)

Blogging right now does make me miss being so regular with my posts, so I will try to continue to post quotes and little snippets when I can! (and when I remember).

Catch ya on the flip side.



I’m writing a feature article for one of my units at Uni and I need some reference letters from previous interns that have been given to them from the internships they’ve participated in.

Has anyone ever felt exploited by their internships? Or did you feel like your presence as an intern was valued and your time was well spent?


Honestly …

I’ve been sick. Hit a wall at work a couple days back and am still recovering. My body is tired, overworked and is making me sick, probably in an attempt to make me calm down and take a break from my busy life. I cry when I’m exhausted and just want to be in my bed.

So no, I haven’t been to the gym at all this week. I’ve hardly eaten anything, thinking of food makes me want to throw up and when I’m home, I’m asleep. It’s a really terrible cycle that I hope to get out of really soon. My Mum’s been feeding me all sorts of vitamins and minerals in tablet form to help get me feeling good again. She’s also been cutting up fruit for me to eat exactly the same way she use to do it when I was a kid.

Despite my sickness, I’ve pushed myself the last two days to go to Uni as I don’t want to miss my lectures and tutorials. (I’m too afraid I’ll fall behind if I miss them).ย On the gym side of things, I’m very keen to get back there and get my body moving again. To be completely honest, I’ve probably got even better abs now and I should thank all the coughing I’ve been doing. When I start back up, I’ll be sure to let you know and keep this blog as up-to-date as possible. Especially when it comes to the fitness side of things as I really want to see my progress through maintaining this blog.

Chao for now!



I’m officially a second-year uni student, how did that happen so quickly???

To recap on my first day, I’ll just give a dot point version.

  • left my parking ticket at home
  • wrote a note to the inspector pleading that he does not give me a ticket and that I knew I was in the wrong for not having it displayed
  • watched documentaries in my first lecture
  • spoke about documentaries in my second class (same unit)
  • got told to watch a heap of documentaries
  • my third class doesn’t start this week
  • had a chicken burger for lunch with chips that I put wayyy too much chicken salt on
  • got back to my car
  • found a warning notice on my car about not having my ticket displayed
  • the note worked!
  • drove home with a banginย playlist
  • watched two documentaries, one about the Great Barrier Reef, one about Lady Gaga
  • had a 15-minute nap
  • made it to the gym, trained abs
  • now I’m super tired and ready for another day tomorrow!

Catch yaย on the flip-side.

An Hour of Customising.


So I just spent the last hour customising my blog in more detail.

You see, I wanted all my blog posts to be in one place, all my videos to be on another page and my fitness stuff to be on another page. It did take a while to figure out and succeed in doing so.

(I really should be asleep as my first day of uni for this semester starts tomorrow but here I am, customising and blogging instead)ย 

To make it so they all fall into their separate pages, each page has to be a different category. Then when you make your post, you tick the correct category for what you’re talking about and the post will automatically go there. Now no one explained that on any of the forums I looked at – so if anyone needs any help in doing so – I’m ya gal.

Chao for now ma dudes.